Acacia Wood Care: How to Take The Best Care of Acacia Wood?

Acacia wood is the most delicate and stunning piece of wood. Its beauty and charm make it more valuable and worth buying. It is one of those woods that are vastly used throughout the world for furniture (indoor and outdoor). You can never go wrong with using acacia wood for your home decor or flooring.

Nevertheless, it is very beautiful and adds an aesthetic feel to your living room or kitchen. However, acacia wood requires proper care to keep its charms.

In this article, I will cover acacia wood care in detail. So, make sure you do not miss out on any section.

Acacia Wood Care

The acacia wood requires care and maintenance from time to time. No matter how durable your acacia wood furniture is you still need to be careful. You should not leave it on its own and use it for longer terms. Moreover, taking care of your acacia means cleaning and staining (if required) it regularly. This will enhance its beauty too.

It is not a big deal to clean your acacia wood furniture. You can use some simple methods and tips that I am mentioning in this article.

Can I Clean Acacia Wood?

Can I clean Acacia Wood?

Yes, you can wash acacia wood which is a very easy job to do! Just a rag and mild soap mixed with water can make your dining table, chairs, bowls, and decking tiles happy.

In addition, washing your wood furniture is important. As you always want to retain its beauty and appearance, therefore, stick to its cleaning.

Can I Place Acacia Furniture Outside?

Can I Place Acacia Furniture Outside?

Yes, acacia wood is best for outdoor furniture. Most people prefer having acacia wood furniture for the outdoors since it is lightweight and water-resistant. Therefore, it is stable in any climatic condition.

Furthermore, it is the most durable and attractive wood and makes the best furniture. If you layer it with a weather-proof finish it can survive many years. Here are the tips you can follow for wiping and maintaining your outside acacia furniture.

  • Use a tube to put water on the furniture to remove the excess dust and dirt particles. Make sure you use chlorine-free since it can reduce the weather-proof finish of your furniture.
  • Wipe your furniture twice every year to keep it good-looking. Make a solution by adding dishwashing detergent to it. Dip the brush in the solution and wipe it clean. Lastly, rinse it properly and dry it with a towel.
  • Immediately remove the stains of anything that you accidentally spill on the furniture. This way you can avoid stubborn marks. In addition, you have to dry your furniture when it rains.
  • You can also place a water-proof cover to ensure more protection. In some cases, acacia wood may be very sensitive to moisture which can lead to swelling. Therefore, it is better to cover it entirely.

How to Clean Acacia Wood Dining Table?

Oh how adorable your deep brown wood dining table would look in your dining hall but I’m sure that it requires proper cleaning. Don’t you worry!

Here is the guide to keeping your acacia wood dining table lavish.

  • Use a wet cloth for scrubbing along with a mild soapy solution.
  • Avoid using any harsh tools as they can cause scratches on your table.
  • Do not use a detergent containing ammonia or silicon as they can cause cracks on your wood table.

I would recommend using a vinegar and water mixture. Use a soft cloth for cleaning and dry with a towel at the end. Additionally, you can also use the oil for the acacia wood table for more good finishing.

How to Clean Acacia Cutting Board?

How to clean an Acacia Cutting Board?

You should often rinse your cutting board. It is one of the significant things in your kitchen. You should oil your cutting board at least twice a month or when you feel it is dry.

As you cut your fruits, vegetables, and stuff on it, therefore, you must keep it clear. In addition, this is also good for preventing your cutting board from germs.

  • So for taking care of your board and making it look like a new one you have to rub it with a cloth first.
  • Then take oil and dip your rag in the oil. Start moving the rag in circular motions gently on your cutting board. You have to keep your hands very gentle so that they won’t break.
  • Furthermore, after oiling the cutting board, leave it overnight to dry for better results. If the board still feels wet you can use a dry rag. Rub it gently in circular motions and you are good to go.

How to Wash Acacia Wood Bowl?

How to Wash Acacia Wood Bowl?

Washing acacia wood bowl? Well, that is an effortless job that you can do in minutes.

Follow these simple steps to treat your acacia wood bowl better.

  • First thing first, rinse your acacia bowl with a warm soapy solution and do not soak it in as it may break. These bowls are not very water-friendly so they can crack or break.
  • You need to sanitize your bowl. That you can do with a white vinegar spray and leave it to dry.
  • If you feel the bowl has become fuzzy, use sand to make it even.
  • In addition, if there is a dent you can use sandpaper to smooth its surface.
  • Later on, you have to use oil to make it shine like before.


The acacia wood utensils are not dishwasher or microwave-friendly. Therefore, you have to care about this otherwise, it may lose its color or may turn grey.

How to Clean Acacia Wood Flooring?

There are several things you should follow to clean acacia wood flooring. Since the wood is durable and strong there are no chances of its cracking. However, it still needs to be taken care of.

Here is how you can do it.

  • Do not let any spills settle on the floor and leave stubborn marks on the floor.
  • For cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner (without beater bars) or a soft broom.
  • Avoid exposing the floor to direct sunlight. You can cover those areas with carpets that are under sunlight.
  • Try to use the solution that your retailer suggests.
  • Do not drag anything having a rough surface such as machiner since it can cause scratches over the floor that do not look good at all.
  • Keep the floor dry and cool.
  • If there are slight stains you can cleanse them with just a damp cloth by dipping them in warm water.
  • Fill the gaps with the furniture wax.

Oiling Acacia Wood

Oiling wood means adding more protection to it because it fills the wood pores. Acacia wood also needs a good finish after which it turns out more beautiful. If your acacia wood outdoor furniture feels rough to the touch, it is when you should oil it.

The good news is you can do this on your own but before you oil it you have to rub it.

  • Use a wet rag for the dust.
  • After that, you have to use sandpaper on the wood to make its surface smooth. Now, your acacia wood is ready for oiling.
  • Use a rag or a brush when it comes to oiling the acacia wood. Use even layers of oil on the wood. Do not brush the same patch twice because the color won’t look the same after drying.
  • Gently apply the oil to the acacia wood to make sure you do not miss out on any patch. In addition, when the wood is completely dry you can see if it needs more oil.
  • If the wood steel feels moist you have to gently rub a rag in circular motions to take away the excess.

Can I Use Teak Oil on Acacia Wood?

Yes, you can use teak oil on acacia wood furniture. Teak oil for acacia wood makes it look good. Furthermore, linseed oil is another best oil for acacia wood. You can also use pigmented oil since it contains UV protection too.

Best Oil for Acacia Wood

The best oil for acacia wood is tung oil and linseed oil. Most commercial oils have these oils as a base ingredient. Furthermore, these oils enhance the overall look of acacia wood. It leaves your furniture shining and beautiful. You can use pigmented oils too.

How to Weatherproof Acacia wood?

How to Weatherproof Acacia wood?

Follow these tips to weatherproof your acacia wood:

  • Avoid placing your acacia wood furniture under direct sunlight.
  • Quickly clean the stains of the drinks or anything that spills.
  • Clean your acacia wood regularly and oil it if necessary.
  • Use a weather-proof sheet on your acacia furniture.

Should Acacia Wood be Sealed?

Yes, you should seal your acacia wood to secure it from any damage. Even though it is hardwood and durable but it still can have damage because of the bugs or if you leave it carelessly.

Furthermore, your outdoor acacia furniture should also be sealed. In addition, if you want to keep it natural looking you can use a seal without shine. It helps to stop the wood from absorbing the water. I would recommend sealing your acacia wood with the best sealer every season.

How to Seal Acacia Wood?

  • For sealing your acacia wood, apply a good wax or mineral oil. This way you can polish your wood perfectly.
  • Use a non-toxic wax, especially for the kitchen and dining areas. Additionally, keep the wood dry so that it won’t damage.
  • Keep maintaining your acacia wood with time to retain its beauty and charm.

Caring Tips for Indoor Acacia Furniture

Here are some important tips for caring for acacia wood indoor furniture.

  • Place your furniture in a cool and dry place
  • Do not expose it to sunlight
  • Clean the spills quickly and don’t let the stains dry
  • Use cleaning solutions that your retailer recommends
  • Do proper dusting of the furniture
  • Apply wood preservatives every season
  • Give it oil when it feels rough
  • Apply a layer of wood preservatives after scrubbing acacia wood furniture

Caring Tips for Outdoor Acacia Furniture

Here are some important tips for caring for acacia wood outdoor furniture.

  • Practice proper cleaning of your outdoor furniture
  • Use a mild soapy solution
  • Dry your furniture thoroughly
  • Assure quick flushing after rainfall or storms
  • Use wood preservatives
  • Apply oiling or wax every season
  • Cover your furniture with a weather-proof sheet

Things to Remember

While washing or maintaining your acacia furniture or kitchen utensils, keep the following tips in your mind.

  • Do not use detergents that contain nitrogen or silicon as they may cause discoloration
  • Use a rag, damp cloth, or a brush
  • Completely dry your acacia wood
  • Use breathable covers to assure the long life of the furniture
  • Follow the manual for cleansing and maintenance
  • Using pigmented wax is preferable because it has UV protection
  • Avoid direct exposure of the acacia wood to the sunlight
  • Using a mixture of water and white vinegar can work as an anti-bacterial
  • Try to avoid placing your acacia utensils in a microwave or dishwasher


Acacia wood is a very beautiful, stable, and durable hardwood with beautiful colors and grain patterns. However, it needs maintenance and proper care regularly to make it live longer and to maintain its charms.

Leaving it untreated, it may not have a good appearance. Therefore, you should follow this guide to keep your acacia wood with care and in better condition.

I hope you find our Acacia Wood Care guide helpful. Do share it with others to share the wood knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Does acacia wood warp?

Answer: Generally, acacia wood doesn’t wrap because it is resistant to fungus and scratches. However, it may warp over time if it is not treated properly and has to be kept dry.

Q) How to fix scratches on acacia wood flooring?

Answer: To fix scratches on acacia wood flooring you should first fill them with a mixture of two parts white vinegar and one part warm water. Let the solution sit for about 15 minutes, then use a cloth to wipe away the solution and gently buff out the scratches.

Q) How to clean acacia wood?

Answer: Clean acacia wood as soon as possible. Acacia sap is highly flammable and can ignite easily, even when wet. Rub the surface with a dry cloth or brush to remove sap and dirt.

Q) How to care for acacia wood outdoor furniture?

Answer: The best way to care for acacia wood outdoor furniture is by using a wax or oil-based product. Care should be taken to avoid getting the moisture in contact with the oils, as this may cause warping or cracking.

Q) How to waterproof acacia wood?

Answer: To waterproof acacia wood, you need to apply a linseed oil-based finish. You can use this for outdoor furniture or floors as it is durable and flexible in different environments.

Q) How do you seal acacia wood?

Answer: To seal acacia wood, you need to use hot wax. The temperature of the wax should be between 200-250 degrees Celsius or 392-482 degrees Fahrenheit. Be careful when using the hot wax, as it is still very warm. Apply a layer of wax to your wood and let it cool before handling again.

Q) What kind of oil is best for acacia wood?

Answer: The best kind of oil for acacia wood is natural, food-grade fish oil. This type of oil will help maintain the color and luster in your furniture without creating a smelly build-up.

Q) How to preserve acacia wood outdoors?

Answer: If you want to preserve acacia wood outdoors, wrap it in cloth and store it in a sealed container.

Q) How to Get Sticky Residue Off Wood?

Answer: Remove any unwanted residue from wood surfaces with a damp cloth and warm soapy solution. To get sticky residue off wood, take a dry cloth and rub it on the residue to remove.

Q) How to make acacia wood glow?

Answer: Acacia wood is a hardwood with light-emitting properties, which makes it glow. To make the wood illuminate using heat and pressure from a pressurized air tank, you need to first apply a high-temperature coat that will vaporize the oil in the wood and then make it combust.

Q) How to restore acacia wood?

Answer: To restore acacia wood, you should use a humidifier. Humidifiers are great at maintaining humidity levels in the home and therefore help to slow down any drying of your furniture.

Q) How to oil acacia wood bowls?

Answer: To oil acacia bowls, you should first remove them from the packaging to avoid damage. Then brush a light layer of olive oil on top and allow it to soak in for about 10 minutes. Put your oiled bowls on a wire rack, allowing the extra moisture to evaporate, and then place them in an oven heated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 10-15 minutes.

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