Acacia Wood: Origin, Characteristics, Facts, Uses, Benefits, and Finishing

Acacia wood grows in Africa, Asia, America, and the Pacific coast. It is cut from the Australian native trees and shrubs. It belongs to the Pea family.

This tree is well known because of its unparalleled beauty and the grain it produces. Acacia wood is widely used for making high-quality and classy furniture.

Many people like to add acacia wood to their living places as it gives an aesthetic feel. It is known for its deep and natural color that adds class to your houses and furniture. The acacia wood is durable and solid which makes nice and strong furniture including tables, headboards, kitchen utensils, and much more.

The core of acacia is in a very nice dark shade with light reddish veins in it. Its beautiful design makes it look charming and gives a decent vibe.


Acacia wood can get scratches if you use it roughly. Therefore, it requires proper care. So, you need to use it gently.

What is Acacia Wood?

Acacia wood is a very appealing and durable wood. It is very popular because it has a nice deep color with reddish-brown veins that adds more beauty to it. 

The medium to dark brown shade of the wood is mesmerizing. Acacia grows in America, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Coast. It has a strong core that makes brilliant furniture goods.

Moreover, acacia wood is one of the strongest woods. The best thing about it is that it has small fibers that have a multidirectional arrangement. This makes it one of the best hardwoods.

The wood has great resistance to friction. However, it is very likely to get scratches hence it needs gentle use and care.

In addition, the natural solid ability of the acacia wood is its supreme feature but it is very easy to mold into shapes to make customized furniture of various designs. Since the tree has a deep color therefore it adds an appealing sight to any view.

Moreover, rain, pests, or fungi don’t have effects on acacia wood. This is the reason why many people opt for acacia wood furniture for their balconies as well.

Spiritual Meaning

The acacia tree has a symbolic spiritual meaning that defines its significance. It is a very common belief that the sprig of the acacia tree signifies the immortality of the soul. The leaves coming out of the small branches of the acacia are the hallmark of never-ending life and power.

Its evergreen quality is a sign of the human spirit, a part of humans that never dies. The acacia is thought of as a strength that never goes down.

No doubt it is a beautiful craft of nature and is what many nations cherish. Human spirituality and strength are a part of this tree.

Moreover, it symbolizes the spirituality, evergreen, and immorality of humans. Plus, its mesmerizing scent is something that cherishes a lot around the environment.

Acacia Wood Pronunciation

Generally, acacia wood is pronounced incorrectly. However, this word is very simple and easy to pronounce. The correct way of saying this word is “Acai”. If I break it into words, it is pronounced as “ah-sha-ee”.

Acacia Wood Origin

Acacia Wood Origin

It is one of the native trees in Australia. These are well-known for their strong and long-lasting features. Acacias grow very fast and are widely spread in the tropical regions of Australia. Therefore, the origin of acacia wood is in Australia.

However, it is not limited to Australia only. The acacia is widely grown in tropical and subtropical regions all around the world.

Moreover, the long shrubs and yellow blooms give a breathtaking view of the Pacific Islands, Asia, America, and Africa.

Where does acacia wood grow?

Acacia wood grows in the tropical and subtropical regions around the world. It particularly grows in Australia where there are various tropical regions for the better growth of acacia wood.

Furthermore, it is also famous as “wattles or white wattles” in some countries. The word wattle means “to weave” which is in link to its long branches and stems. These are used for making the roofs and fences etc.

It has long shrubs and has an attractive color. The acacia wood easily adapts to the deserts and tropical regions. It has good growth in these areas. The ancient acacia wood also grew in these regions.

Moreover, this tree has a large distribution in South Africa, Southwestern United States, and Central America.

In addition, they grow very quickly and have a lively look. Acacias are native to Australia and are popular for their charm and beauty.

Does acacia wood grow in Africa?

Yes, acacia wood grows in Africa. In Africa, it grows on a large scale. You can see acacias on their farms. Furthermore, acacias are in countless numbers in southern and eastern Africa. These trees are mainly on the well-known lands of Africa such as veld and savanna.

The acacia trees are without a doubt one of the most enchanting natural beauty in Africa. Many people in Africa appreciate it a lot because of its beauty and strong ability. Moreover, acacia wood is very common in use for interior flooring and furniture goods.

What does acacia wood look like?

Acacia wood comes in various beautiful shades of browns. This wood has a light to dark brown color. The rough look and solid features of the acacia wood make it look more beautiful. The color combinations for acacia wood do not end here only. It has a slightly red touch with the browns.

Furthermore, the veins are in a multidirectional pattern that is in a reddish-brown color. Because of its warm tone, the furniture made with acacia wood gives a cozy feel to your home.

The irregular patterns of the acacia wood make its beauty. It is smooth and plain when it is shaped.

If acacia becomes old its sapwood becomes narrower and dark in color. In addition, when it is directly under the sunlight the wood turns darker from light brown to golden brown. The pores of the acacia are smaller.

Raw vs Finished Acacia

Although acacia is a strong and beautiful hardwood and has some impressive features. However, the raw acacia wood is dried in an oven to remove the moisture from it.

This is an important step for controlling the moisture for the interior flooring because the excessive moisture in the raw acacia wood often leads to cracking. Therefore, only 11% of the moisture is acceptable for the raw acacia wood.

The finished acacia wood is the one that has an oil-based polish on it. It is done for giving a finish and grand look. In this way, the wood becomes water-resistant and looks natural at the same time.

Moreover, the finishing on the acacia wood ensures its long life and helps to reduce moisture. Although the oil finishing can take some time to dry up you have to be patient during the process.

To give a beautiful and natural finish to your acacia wood you can use an oil-based product. Using a lacquer can also make your wood look unique but it needs reapplication regularly.

How to finish acacia wood?

Applying stain to finish the acacia wood can produce impressive results. It adds some nice color that gives a perfect finish to your wood. Here are the steps to follow when staining the acacia wood.

  • Use a dry piece of cloth or a sponge for staining
  • Stain in the natural order of the grains to make it look more natural
  • Apply stain in an even manner instead of making it patchy

While doing this take your complete time and do not miss out on even a single part of the wood. You will have professional results in this way.

To achieve the desired result apply the stain after finishing the acacia wood. Since your wood becomes smooth after finishing, therefore, it is easy to apply the stain.

Moreover, to apply the stain fully well you use a rag to take off the excess stain after applying a layer. You can keep applying the layers as per the requirement of the desired color.

Why Is the Acacia Tree So Popular?

Apart from their enchanting beauty, acacias provide various benefits. Acacia is very famous around the world for its many impressive characteristics. It is an eco-friendly tree since people can grow it in numerous weather conditions.

Acacias are famous for the number of products it produces. Papers are made from the fibers of this wood. Naturally, Acacia wood comes in a variety of colors and types.

Having all the shades of brown, from light golden brown to dark brown it has very nice detailing and natural ambiance. It has a proper finish that compliments the furniture and floors.

Additionally, the solidity, aesthetic feel, deep color, and attractiveness is the prime reason for its popularity.

It provides several benefits such as food and a home for various species. It gives food for the birds and mammals too.

Acacia Wood Properties / Characteristics

Acacia Wood Properties

One of the most prominent properties of acacia wood is its durability which lasts long even if you do not take care of it. The acacia wood lasts up to 40 years.


Please note that if you have acacia in the produced form like furniture, cooking utensils, flooring, or any other form, then you must take care of it to preserve its features and durability.

Besides other characteristics, one of its magical properties is it is water-resistant capability. It does not break or damage even if you soak it in water. You can use acacias in places that have a lot of contact with water like showers.

Another amazing property is that acacia is antibacterial. It does not let the bacteria stay over it. Therefore, it is safe for serving or eating food on it.

Apart from that, it is the best kind of wood among all the hardwoods. It has a nice finish and impressive fiber patterns. The beautiful deep color gives it a captivating look.

Additionally, acacia wood is naturally smooth and the finishing on top is a plus. It looks stunning and has a warm tone with or without finishing. The best part is that it doesn’t change its color over time.

Below is the list of amazing features that acacia wood has to offer.

  • Hardness
  • Durability
  • Scents / Smell
  • Colour
  • Sustainability
  • Burning Capability
  • Texture
  • Density
  • Weight
  • Water-resistance
  • Antibacterial

Let’s have a look at each property in detail.

1. Hardness

Acacia wood has the highest rating on the Janka scale which is 2300 pounds of force or 2,300 psi. It is 55% harder than European white oak, 90% carbonized bamboo, and 23% harder than hickory. These are the topmost levels of hardness. This is the reason why this wood is reliable for making furniture, flooring, and much more.

2. Durability

The acacia wood is one of the most sturdy woods because of its hardness. It is excellent for making furniture goods, roofs, fences, or flooring. Since it is the best kind of hardwood, therefore, it is perfect for long use. Moreover, this wood has a high density which makes it a good material for making heavy products.

3. Scents/Smell

Acacia wood has a cheerful and mesmerizing smell. It smells like honey and has a bright fragrance that spreads all around. The iris-like smell of acacia is very good at relieving stress or depression.

4. Colour

The acacia wood has a deep brown color which is the most delightful thing about it. Its color is one of the imperative reasons why people opt for this wood for so many purposes. The natural grain pattern of the acacia has a reddish-brown color that gives a rich and tranquil feel.

However, if you are fond of black furniture, you can also get acacia wood in black from furniture stores.

5. Price

Acacias are pricey when it comes to buying them in a raw or produced form. However, it won’t go wrong if I say that it is the best and most lasting wood so far. The high price of this wood makes a fair deal with its features. It has exceptional properties and an attractive look. It has less price than teak and is more expensive than others.

6. Sustainability

Acacia wood is sustainable as it grows very fast. It is easy to grow acacias under several climatic conditions. Since it can grow in various climatic conditions hence it does not extinct.

It grows with high-quality wood in hot weather and rarely requires any pesticides or fertilizers. Moreover, many other species of acacia tree can grow in cold weather as well.

7. Burning Capability

Acacia has a very dense structure with a nice grain and it is a hardwood which makes it perfect for burning.

Furthermore, acacia wood is expensive hence buying it for burning can be costly for you. You can take the leftovers from any furniture shop. The scraps or chips of acacia burn well too. Moreover, even the soft acacias are also dense enough to burn. You can choose any species from acacias.

8. Density

The density factor for acacia trees varies from its species to species. The average density factor of acacia is around 60 pounds per cubic meter.

Moreover, it has a high rating among other woods such as oak, maple, etc. this wood is famous for its hardness and ranks high among 1,450 other types of woods.

9. Texture

Acacia is the best type of hardwood with an excellent density. The best thing about acacias is that they can withstand all types of climatic conditions.

It is not only strong and durable but also has a pretty appearance. The grain patterns of this wood have beautiful color contrasts. Additionally, it has numerous textures but the texture and density of the acacias vary.

10. Quality

Acacia wood has an ideal quality and durability. The acacia tree produces very good-quality wood best for furniture. It resists water and can oppose any weather condition. Moreover, water contact does not affect the quality of acacias.

11. Weight

Since the acacia wood has a solid texture, therefore, the molecules are tightly packed together which weighs more. This is why the weight of acacia wood is a little high as compared to other woods. The average molecular weight of the wood is 65,400.

12. Water Resistance

On one hand, the acacia wood is water-resistant but it is not that it does not affect when exposed to water. It is very reactive to moisture when it is exposed to water for a long time.

The wood becomes swollen when it stays in contact with the water. It opposes the water to some extent. However, if you leave it in standing water for a long time, the furniture can have considerable damage.

13. Antibacterial

Nature has blessed acacias with an antibacterial property. This tree has the natural property of opposing bacteria. This is why it is frequently utilized for making furniture and preparing and serving food.

Acacia Wood Uses

Acacia is famous for its durability, density, and unmatched charm. Due to its properties, it is widely used for a large number of purposes. Aside from its features, people make the most use out of acacia.

Furthermore, its usages are not only for making furniture, flooring, roofs, or utensils but also for the pharmaceutical field. It produces gum that is utilized for making medicines. Let’s take a look at the uses of acacia wood.

Here is the list where acacia wood provides its features.

  • Manufacturing Furniture
  • Kitchen Utensils / Cutting Boards & Accessories
  • Home Decoration
  • Wood Flooring
  • and a lot more

1. Manufacturing Furniture

You would always want to opt for strong and strong wood when it comes to making or buying furniture. In addition, having furniture made in a rich and warm tone gives a cozy feeling to your place.

As a consequence, acacia wood is perfect for manufacturing furniture. The antibacterial property is a bonus for making furniture.

Furthermore, acacias are very smooth and have a very nice color contrast that catches attention easily. Its furniture is used in restaurants, homes, offices, and many other places.

Moreover, the water-resistant trait of the acacia works to a certain limit. It requires proper care in the rain. You can cover your furniture with sheets when not in use.

2. Kitchen Utensils / Cutting Boards & Accessories

Due to its durability and hardness, it is clear that it can be used for kitchen accessories as well. It is good for the place that remains moist mostly.

In addition, the acacia wood has antimicrobial properties which is a plus point for using it for kitchen purposes. It is safe to serve your food on this wood.

The cutting boards, serving trays, bowls, and cheeseboards are made with it. When it is crafted well it turns out very beautiful and gives an appealing sight.

3. Home Decoration

Choosing acacia wood for home decoration is an interesting way of adding a rich feel to your home. Many people choose acacia for decorating their homes.

Since, acacia has a wide range of grain patterns, colors, and looks you can have many options. Another way of having your choice of color is staining.

If you want a different color of the wood you can also add stain. Due to all these options, it is becoming very popular.

Furthermore, the decoration items made with acacias are more attractive. You can never go wrong with acacia wood decoration.

Because of this adaptivity acacia is a perfect option for building and designing your homes and offices with consistent art.

You can make a kitchen table, dining table, decking tiles, benches, or beautiful planks that will give an attractive impression.

4. Wood Flooring

Floors made with acacia are breathtaking. It is increasingly used for making floors because of its stunning look and durability. With acacia wood, you can explore many designs.

Furthermore, the grain pattern of this wood and various colors are very charming. You can fit in this wood in contrast with plenty of other design options.

The acacia wood is waterproof therefore it is the best option for flooring in the kitchen or even outdoor flooring. It is very smooth and you can easily clean the surface. Although acacia can get stains, it can easily be removed.

Additionally, to clean the floor you can mop it and it will dry up quickly. Since it does not absorb water thus there is no chance for bacteria to settle. It also provides certain health benefits.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Acacia Wood

Acacia wood has advantages as well as disadvantages. It can provide you with so many benefits but nothing is perfect. Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of acacia wood.

Advantages / Pros

  • Appearance: The acacia wood has a beautiful range of brown colors. The reddish-brown grains add more beauty to it. It has distinctive grain patterns that look delightful.
  • Texture: This wood has a grainy texture. The natural pattern of the grains can vary for different acacia trees. These grains are mostly in golden brown shade.
  • Acacia wood hardness: According to research acacia is the best hardwood that leaves many other kinds of wood behind. It is 70% harder than an oak tree.
  • The durability of Acacia: It is a very stable wood it rarely has damage. The density of acacia wood is 800 kg/m3 according to research. This is the higher level of density among other types of woods.
  • Robustness: It is heavy. Generally, it weighs more than other woods like pine, oak, etc.
  • Resistant: It is highly resistant against cracks and damages. The surface of the wood is smooth and shiny therefore it is rare that it gets damaged.
  • Durability: It is one of the most durable woods and does not affect the quality for longer terms. This is why it is used to make heavy products.

Disadvantages / Cons

  • Temperature Sensitive: Acacia wood is sensitive to temperature. The furniture made with this does not remain the same if exposed to a lot of heat such as near a fireplace. For preventing your furniture you can change its position to somewhere with less heat.
  • The maintenance requirement of Acacia: Acacia requires maintenance from time to time. After a certain time, the color of this wood starts turning grayish. Therefore, using an oil-based product or linseed is a great way to avoid this issue.
  • Irregular Grain Pattern: It has an irregular grain pattern which can create a problem for you. If you want a consistent grain pattern in your home then it can cause an issue. Moreover, if you make your furniture then it can become hard for you to keep the same grain pattern.
  • Acacia is Expensive: I can not specify the prices because they can vary from time to time. However, I can give a general idea. Acacia wood is less costly in comparison with other woods such as mahogany, rosewood, etc. Furthermore, if you compare the price of acacia with oak or other hardwoods then acacia is a costly option. But it is worth it.
  • Acacia wood is Heavy and Hard: Acacia is heavy and hard. It is an advantage and disadvantage too. If you are looking for lightweight furniture that you can move around then acacia is not your thing. On the other hand, some people love heavy and classy furniture made with acacia. Thus, it is up to you what your requirement is.

Acacia Wood Facts

Let’s discover the amazing facts about acacia.

  • The majority of the acacia trees grow up to 40 feet. While some of them grow up to 70 feet and their diameter is 3 feet.
  • It has thick green leaves that are denser. These leaves have a beautiful impression. While on the other hand, acacia trees that grow in arid conditions have flattened leaves.
  • The acacias which grow out of the Australian region have thorns that protect the leaves from the herbivores.
  • Some acacia trees have leaves with swollen thorns that stay in contact with ants and other insects. In addition, these insects help protect the leaves from herbivores.
  • Acacia provides habitats in shelters and food for animals.
  • They have beautiful flowers with a mesmerizing fragrance. These flowers have thick stems that are responsible for making them thicker.
  • The fruit acacia produces is called a dry pod. This fruit has 5-6 black or brown seeds.
  • Furthermore, we use acacia seeds for making various soups. Americans like to make liqueur with its flowers.
  • Nevertheless, the leaves of acacia are also a great source of food for cattle, camels, goats, etc.
  • Various big organizations use acacia flowers for making nice fragrances.
  • In the early times, people used acacias for the manufacturing of ships as it is a durable wood. Moreover, it is now used to make floors, roofs, furniture, etc.
  • Most people use acacia leaves for pharmaceutical purposes. The leaves and bark are best for making various medicines.
  • Acacia species from Africa are used for thickening soft drinks and frozen desserts. Additionally, it is also used as an adhesive and treatment for diseases. The ancient Egyptians used gum Arabic in the paints and adhesives.
  • The life expectancy of acacia trees is between 15 to 30 years. In some cases, it can go up to 40 years as well.

Learn more about acacia tree facts here.

Acacia Wood Gifts

Acacia Flower Gifts

Acacia flowers are the perfect gift option to give someone. These flowers are widely used in many events. Some people like to present them to their parents, friends or their loved ones.

Furthermore, these flowers have a lovely fragrance that attracts women a lot. You can always choose these flowers to give to your loved ones.

Apart from the flowers, acacia wood has so many benefits and is very good for making other accessories and utensils.

Buying acacia wood serving trays, bowls, pendants, engraved boxes, or furniture-related items is also preferable for gifting your loved ones.

Where to buy acacia wood?

You can buy acacia wood from various well-known stores. Here is the list of the stores where you can buy acacia wood for domestic uses.

  • Kaizen Casa store
  • Ironwood Gourmet store
  • Zicoto store
  • Christopher Knight Home store

Buying acacia wood online is not a big deal now. If you want to buy acacia wood slabs then you can reach out to these stores online.

  • SSR Vina CO. Ltd
  • Tianjin Okay International Trading Co. Ltd

If you are looking for good stores that provide original acacia wood you can check out these stores. You can buy acacia slabs, acacia wood lumber, etc. Moreover, you can also get original wood from these stores for burning purposes.

Acacia Wood Buyers

The buyers of acacia always choose it for its impressive design and deep colors. Since there is a wide collection of acacia wood that comes from several species.

Thus, each species may have different color, grain pattern, and density. It is best if you keep the track of the given points to find the right acacia wood. Therefore, you should look for the following points before you make the choice.

  • Durability
  • Density
  • Sustainability
  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Color
  • Resistance to water

Moreover, you can also check these points in detail in this guide for better understanding and guidance.

Can you burn acacia wood?

Yes, it is an excellent wood for burning. It is hardwood hence it burns super hot. Burning acacia wood is good because it is waterproof hence it burns really well. It produces intense heat.

In addition, burning acacia wood has some benefits too. You can use it for the following points.

  • It is perfect for outdoor fireplaces as it makes fewer sparks
  • Does not make noise
  • Burns perfectly
  • Produces extreme heat
  • It does not form any smell


As you have seen there are dozens of ways that you can bring acacia wood to use. Because of its stunning design and charming color, it adds a rich feel to any place. However, it is important to note that acacia can get stains and it requires much care.

I hope you find this acacia article helpful. If you have any questions, please do ask in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What kind of wood is acacia wood?

Answer: Acacia wood is a type of hardwood, mostly used for furniture and veneers. It’s also sometimes used as an ingredient in plywood or furniture. Acacia is a versatile wood that can be shaped easily while still retaining its natural beauty.

Q) What is so special about acacia wood?

Answer: Acacia wood is pricy for its beautiful, golden-ish heartwood that’s a cross between yellow and green. It has the look of mahogany or teak with a slightly lighter, smoother appearance. It is very stable and resistant to decay and insects, making it an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets or furniture that will be outside in inclement weather.

Q) Is acacia wood a good wood?

Answer: Acacia wood is an excellent choice for furniture because it has a very clean and mellow tone. It can be used in any type of flooring, even if the user doesn’t want a wood tone. It also has incredible durability that makes it perfect for high-traffic areas such as restaurants and offices.

Q) Is acacia wood affordable?

Answer: Acacia is affordable, but it depends on the amount you need. Acacia wood can be expensive in high quantities, but there are smaller pieces available if you are just looking for a small amount.

Q) Is acacia wood antimicrobial?

Answer: Yes, acacia wood is antimicrobial. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties as well as natural oils that repel mites and bacteria.

Q) How to say acacia wood?

Answer: The word acacia is pronounced as āˈkaːsēaʹ or ah-sha-ee.

Q) Is acacia wood good quality?

Answer: Acacia wood is a type of hardwood that’s used in furniture, cabinets, and flooring. It has some great qualities such as durability and resistance to dry rot. Some may say it’s not as strong or hard as other types of wood, but that depends on the individual piece.

Q) How long does acacia wood last?

Answer: Acacia wood is hard, dense, and can last a long time if it is well taken care of. Acacia wood has been used for centuries in furniture-making as well as musical instruments. Acacia trees can live for 30-40 years.

Q) What is the color of acacia wood?

Answer: Acacia is a hardwood with colors ranging from yellow to reddish-brown.

Q) Is buying acacia wood bad for the environment?

Answer: In the United States, Acacia wood is not considered to be an endangered species. This means that it’s ok for consumers to buy this type of wood product because there isn’t a significant amount of pressure for the government to regulate it. There are some aspects of acacia wood that make it a less-than-ideal choice for the environment. It requires high levels of energy to produce and is not completely renewable.

Q) Is acacia wood waterproof?

Answer: Yes, acacia wood is a durable and water-resistant hardwood. However, it can take moisture if it is exposed to water for a long time.

Q) Is acacia wood expensive?

Answer: Acacia wood is an expensive hardwood that has a complex structure and offers high resistance to weathering. It makes for great furniture and flooring.

Q) Is acacia wood hardwood?

Answer: Yes, Acacia wood is medium-hardwood. However, some of its species are classified as softwood because it doesn’t have any natural tannin in the wood itself and is more porous than hardwoods.

Q) Does acacia wood scratch easily?

Answer: Yes, acacia wood can get scratches if it is not treated with care.

Q) Is acacia real wood?

Answer: Acacia belongs to the mimosa family and it comes from a species of tree called Australian blackwood or golden wattle. It means, sometimes, it is considered as a mixture of woods.

Q) Is acacia wood better than Oak?

Answer: Acacia wood is better than oak because it’s lighter, more durable, and harder. However, Acacia has a high moisture content which can cause warping.

Q) Where to buy acacia wood?

Answer: The best place to buy acacia wood is from a physical store, where you can see the quality of your purchase. You should avoid buying online as the quality can differ.

Q) Is acacia wood good to burn in a fireplace?

Answer: Acacia wood is good to burn in a fireplace because it gives off very little smoke and the heat from burning acacia will warm your house. Acacias are great for other things too, such as furniture and flooring.

Q) How to identify acacia wood?

Answer: You can identify acacia wood by its distinctive color and smell. Acacia is also known as “rosewood” because it is dark pink to reddish-brown in color, mimicking the color of roses. Acacia wood is less dense than mahogany and has a light, silky finish.

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