Acacia Wood Furniture: Pros, Cons, Interesting Facts & Examples

Acacia wood furniture has been used for centuries to give homes and public spaces an air of sophistication, elegance, and charm. This rare wood has been used in construction and interior design projects throughout the world, from California to China, and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon!

But why does this wood have such a timeless appeal?

Continue reading this article to learn more about acacia wood furniture and how it can add elegance to your home decor without emptying your wallet!

Acacia is famous for its stunning appearance and deep colors. This wood has over 1300 species and is native to Australia. As it has become very famous over time, especially for the manufacturing of furniture goods.

House and hotel owners commonly use acacia furniture to give their places a cozy and aesthetic feel. Due to its beauty and varying colors and grain patterns, acacia is an excellent choice for furniture.

It ranks the highest on the density scale which is a bonus to its qualities. Therefore, the furniture made with acacia wood is long-lasting and beautiful.

Furthermore, its additional feature is that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Since acacia wood is water-resistant therefore it is the best option for using outdoor furniture and flooring as well.

Acacia Wood Furniture

Acacia Wood Furniture

Choosing acacia wood for furniture means no sacrificing of quality at all. The acacia wood is naturally smooth and has a fine appearance. This wood is very easy to mold in various designs for making furniture goods. Not only wood, but its chips also have great benefits.

It makes durable furniture and when acacia wood is finished it looks heavenly and beautiful. Furthermore, the reason for its popularity among other woods is that it has a wide range of colors.

Its color range starts from light brown to the darkest shades of brown with light reddish-brown grain patterns. The patterns may be straight or wavy.

Additionally, this wood hardens as soon as it completely dries. This means that acacia furniture is strong enough to use for years.

Generally, it is used for making benches, dining tables, bowls, cutting boards, and other kitchen utensils.

Moreover, the perk of using acacia wood is that it has the natural ability to prevent bacteria. Therefore, it is safe for dining tables as well.

Is Acacia Wood Good for Furniture?

Acacia wood is good for both indoor and outdoor furniture. It can resist water and can withstand any weather state. It is stronger than many other types of wood such as teak.

All you need is durability and high quality when it comes to buying furniture. There you have it with acacia wood. It is hardwood and makes excellent quality furniture.

Although, the price of acacia wood is higher as compared to other hardwoods. But its qualities and traits justify the price.

So, the answer is, yes acacia wood is an excellent choice for furniture.

Why Acacia Wood is Used for Furniture?

It is the most sustainable and durable hardwood. Acacia wood can bear any weather condition without damage.

Furthermore, this wood is becoming increasingly famous around the world because of its extraordinary beauty and charm. Its high density makes it the perfect choice for making heavy objects such as furniture.

The strong ability of acacia wood makes it the most demanding wood for making furniture. It suits the best for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

Can Acacia Wood be Used in the Shower?

Acacia Wood Shower

Yes, acacia is perfect for bath benches and showers. Since wood contains natural oils in great quantity, therefore, it is water-resistant. This is why it is OK to use acacia wood in the shower.

This wood is almost similar to teak wood, which is also water-resistant; consequently, both kinds of wood have the same performance.

Apart from that acacia wood also has an oil or wax finish which keeps it durable and unaffected.

Qualities of Acacia Wood in Furniture

The main quality of acacia wood for furniture is that you can use it for both indoor and outdoor furniture. The wood is dense and hard and on top of it is its durability.

Acacia wood gets no harm when it stays in contact with water. This is why it does not have damage when it stays in rain.


Please note that acacia wood is moisture sensitive when exposed to water for a long time. As a result, it may buckle or swell with time. So, when your acacia furniture is not in use, cover it with waterproof covers.

Furthermore, the rich deep colors of acacia wood make it more appealing to sight. The finished acacia wood looks more beautiful even though it is naturally smooth.

In addition, the wood is very tough and stands the highest on the density scale. Unlike other types of wood acacia wood has the natural ability to fight against bacteria because acacia has antibacterial properties.

Therefore, it is also a plus point for using it for making furniture as it won’t even harm your toddler. Thus, acacia wood looks attractive and stunning at the same time.

How to Maintain Acacia Wood Furniture?

Maintaining Acacia Wood Furniture

Maintaining acacia wood is very simple and does not require much effort. There are some necessary measures that you can take for maintaining acacia wood furniture for a long period.

  • Do not place your acacia wood furniture in direct sunlight
  • Clean the spills instantly for avoiding stubborn stains
  • Use the best oils or wax when the furniture feels dry
  • Apply wood preservatives every season
  • Try to use a soft cloth for dusting
  • You can use a soft cloth and soapy water to remove stains
  • Use the oil or wax that your retailer suggests
  • When it is not in use, cover it with waterproof covers

Examples of Acacia Wood Furniture

Acacia is widely used for a large number of furniture goods such as dining tables, chairs, benches, sofas, cupboards, bedside tables, beds, and more.


In recent years, acacia wood furniture has become the most sought-after commodity all over. From an artistic perspective, we can see that furniture made from acacia wood gives any room or building a distinctive and luxurious look and feel.

This creates an ambiance in any living space making you want to just stop and stare at it every day. Acacia furniture maintains its natural beauty for a very long time with no fading or staining of colors, even with frequent usage. This makes it an excellent choice for people who have children and pets in their homes.

You can be sure that whatever you buy will not only serve as a functional piece but will also add value to your decor as well as make your home stand out from others. If you are planning on redecorating your house then we suggest you get some good quality acacia wood furniture today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can acacia wood be used in the shower?

Answer: Yes, acacia wood is water-friendly so you can use it for shower and bath benches. However, it should be noted that this can cause certain issues such as mold and mildew if it is not taken care of.

Q) What color is similar to acacia wood furniture?

Answer: The color of acacia furniture is similar to beige or teal.

Q) How to treat acacia wood chaise?

Answer: The best way to treat acacia wood chaise is by oiling it once or twice a year. Waxing is an alternative option if the surface has become dull from wear and tear.

Q) Is acacia wood good for a dining table?

Answer: The answer is that it depends. Acacia wood has been used for years in furniture, but you will want to be careful about the type of finishes and varnishes that you apply to your acacia dining table. This is because the sap of some types of acacia trees can cause allergic reactions and skin irritations in people who come into contact with it.

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