Acacia Wood Chips: Meaning, Price, Benefits & How to Use Acacia Chips?

Acacia wood chips work best in place of charcoal, especially in barbecue pits. These chips are the best choice for the smokes and many people like them because acacia chips have a sweet smell. It gives a completely different aroma and taste to your meals.

You can use these wood chips for smoking vegetables, fish, lamb, pork, and beef. The burning acacia wood chips’ smoke penetrates the meat and thus makes it more juicy, soft, and full of aroma.

However, choosing the right wood chips is a significant part of having the good taste and appearance of your food.  Therefore, chips are an excellent choice in that regard. It is one of the right choices for smoking.

Moreover, it suits best for smoking hard meats of birds as it gives you tender meat with a pleasant savor. The plus point is that you don’t need any add-ons or flavor enhancers with wood chips.

Acacia Wood Chips – What is it?

Acacia wood chips are small bits of acacia wood. While using wood chips for smoking directly influences the taste, aroma, and appearance of your food.

In addition, you can get these wood chips while cutting the trees or you can also buy them from the market. It is very often that when a tree is cut it also shed small wood chips.

These are used for smoking or burning as charcoal where wood chips stand on top among all other wood chips. Since it contains natural essential oils that help instant cooking meet and make it soft and juicy and enriched with flavors.

Wood Chips Meaning

Wood chips are the small flakes or peels off the wood when you cut the trees. When a log of the tree is cut it also sheds small chips or flakes that are called wood chips.

The chips of wood are in small sizes and can be used for smoking. The other names for wood chips are biomass, pellet fuel, wood pellets, bagasse, and fuel. Furthermore, it is raw from and used as a biomass fuel.

Benefits of Acacia Wood Chips

Benefits of Acacia Wood Chips

Acacia wood chips provide several benefits apart from smoking food. Moreover, it enhances the ecosystems and soils as well. Let’s discuss its benefits.

1. Feeds the Soil & Quality Improvement

It is a fact that acacia wood contains essential oils and nutrients, therefore, these chips are used as feed for the soil. When you add chips to the soil it breaks down and releases their nutrients. This increases the level of nutrients in the soil over time.

Furthermore, the wood chips are completely organic thus they prevent soil erosion, improve its fertility, acquire moisture, and above all reduce diseases and pests.

These chips make a layer of nitrogen on the soil and allow the air to pass through it and compact less. You can use only 4 to 6 inches of wood chips on the soil.

Lastly, some people dye acacia chips with specific colors when spreading over the soil. This adds an interesting color to the garden but it is optional.

2. Temperature Adjustment

Covering the soil with wood mulch maintains the temperature of the soil which helps grow plants and gardens. These wood chips are great at adjusting the temperature of the soil. This leads to enhancement of flowering, respiration, transportation, and germination.

3. Reduces Waste

The wastes of acacia wood are equal to organic material for horticulture. The acacia wood waste is used in place of organic substances.

This initiative is taken because of the increasing costs of pine and bark. The compost of this wood has appropriate values of water holding, and buffering capacity and is acceptable.

Furthermore, if the time of the composting increases it does not affect the physical characteristics of acacia wood. However, it does affect the chemical characteristics such as pH and electrical conductivity.

In addition, it is still acceptable to use the wastes of acacia in place of pine and bark for horticulture.

4. Reduces Water Evaporation

Using acacia wood chips as mulch helps reduce water consumption significantly. This reduces the water evaporation from the soil which leads to better providing of water to the trees and soil.

Seeing that, wood chips are also helpful for saving water as they drastically reduce water evaporation.


Acacia wood chips cause fungus if stacked along with the trunk of trees. Therefore, you should take them away from the stems to avoid fungus.

How to Use Acacia Chips?

How to Use Acacia Chips

Acacia chips require moisture before you consume them. You have to pre-moisten the chips. After soaking, let them dry and let go of the excess water. However, you should take care of the moisture level of acacia chips for better burning.

Therefore, its moisture content should be 50 to 65%. If the wood chips are 75 to 80% moist they are not going to burn. It is the primary thing to notice the temperature of the burning acacia since it directly affects the taste of your food if you are using them for cooking.

It is easy to find good smoking when it starts burning with small flames. For wood chips, you have to keep the temperature within 220 to 300 degrees Celcius.

Additionally, if the temperature goes above it may cause darker smoke which looks unappealing and may affect the taste.

This is how to get an appropriate acacia chips flame?

  • Make a layer of wood chips of about 4 to 5 centimeters
  • Set the wood chips on fire
  • Look for its appearance
  • It is perfect when the flame becomes golden in color

Acacia Wood Chips Price

The acacia wood chips prices vary depending upon the number of chips you are buying. The price range starts from $50 to $150. The measuring value for these chips is tons.

Can You Smoke With Acacia Wood?

Acacia is a hardwood that burns very hot. Therefore, you can use it for smoking. When you burn wood chips it gives out a very nice flavor and aroma. This is the reason why it is an excellent choice for smoking.


Acacia wood chips are an environmentally friendly way to supplement your landscape. Plus, wood chips are good for burning since it comes from hardwood and it burns really hot and gives a golden flame with sweet-smelling smoke.

However, the flame of these wood chips surprisingly gives a rich aroma and taste to your food if you are using them for cooking or barbecue. It is not just limited to burning, you can use it to enhance the quality of the soil as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is it easy for acacia wood to chip?

Answer: It can be easy for acacia wood to chip if the environment it is in undergoes a drastic change, like a move from dry conditions where there isn’t any humidity to a place.

Q) Is acacia wood good for smoking?

Yes, acacia wood is good for smoking. Acacia wood has low moisture content and high burning point which makes it an excellent choice for smoking anything that needs to be smoked at higher temperatures. The wood’s low moisture content also makes it ideal for smoking meat which can otherwise be dried out by too much air during the process of smoking.

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